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.006 - 6 October 1975 [Jul 12, 2008 * 11:13pm]
Dueling Club last night was righteous.

--Benjy "The Mysterious" Fenwick
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.005 - 28 Sept 1975 [Jul 4, 2008 * 2:35pm]
I hate Fridays.

--Benjy "The Mysterious" Fenwick
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.004 - 22 Sept 1975 [Jun 28, 2008 * 12:29am]
My mouth feels like the Sahara.

--Benjy Fenwick
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.003 - 17 Sept 1975 [Jun 23, 2008 * 6:44pm]
What are you craving right now?

--Benjy Fenwick
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.002 - 14 Sept 1975 [Jun 20, 2008 * 9:04am]
Never thought I'd say this, but fuck forget about Fridays. This is gonna be brutal, man.

Quick. Word association game. I'll play with anyone and everyone who replies.

I'll start:


--Benjy Fenwick
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.001 - 11 Sept 1975 [Jun 17, 2008 * 10:57pm]
Oi, I'm all for House spirit, yeah? But do we really need to be reduced to name-calling and hair-pulling? Or reducing staircases into ice? I have to admit, the snowball-pelting snowmen were a funny touch. Good thing drying spells are fairly simple.

Seriously, thought, all of the Houses have their own style. Ravenclaws have those big brains (and sometimes big glasses), and they usually make jokes that go right over my head. They're the reason we've got so many spells, you know? If it weren't for Ravenclaws, we'd never have realised we were even wizards. Slytherins, on the other hand, you don't always know what's on their minds, and that's mysterious. I get mysterious; it makes them more interesting. Hufflepuffs are very big on 'what you see is what you get.' They're give everything their all, and you'll have a friend for life. As for Gryffindors, yeah, I've heard we're brave and forthright. We have a really strong sense of duty.

But really, deep down? We're just a great big PARTY HOUSE!

--Benjy Fenwick
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Benjy Fenwick - [info]topbollocks [Jan 23, 2008 * 4:49pm]
You were the lowdown rebel if there ever was
Even if you had no cause
James Dean, you said it all so clean
And I know my life would look all right
If I could see it on the silver screen )

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